Founded in 1986, Aiyi Model Company is located in the beautiful coast of the East China Sea,"Jiaojiang", the cultural center of Taizhou City,with perfect and convenient transportation network, adjacent to Taizhou Airport in the east, Wenzhou Airport in the south, north to the international port - Jiaojiang Haimen Port, and west to Taizhou Railway Station. The company passed through the ISO 9001, 2008 system certification in 2005, and established a complete set of quality management system. It was identified as the small and medium-sized technology-based enterprise of Zhejiang Province by the Science and Technology Department of Zhejiang Province in 2014, and identified as the high and new technology enterprise of Taizhou by Taizhou Office of Science and Technology.

The company specializes in producing plastic products for 30 years, and accumulates experience in research and development over the years;

it has been familiar with various types of plastic production technologies, with perfect research and development production system, especially the unique experience in the production technology of "plastic model" hollow blow molding.

In addition, our company has also established a coordinated process of management system; our personnel from management, domestic and foreign trade sales personnel,technology development  personnel, production supervisors to team leaders and employee are mostly senior workers for more than ten years or twenty years, withvery rich experience in production management, who are very familiar with the company's status of development, and the whole team is very strong and stable.

           The history of the use of"model", the Chinese clothing display props, is more than 100 years. Because of the original technology background and so on various reasons,its manufacturing method and raw material is mainly FRP (glass fiber and resinchemical raw material), which disadvantage is that the material is not environmental protection, unrecyclable, not able for mechanized production,completely forartificial and manual production, with certain harm to human body, high cost and poor strength, easily broken in the process of using.

            Along with the unceasing social development and the improvement of human environment protection consciousness, economical utilization of resources and constant improvement and innovation of plastics application technology, our company paid close attention to the development trend of "model" products ten years ago, and found that people’s demand for the diversification and individuation of costume as well as display function is higher and higher;

as a result, upon rich experience in professional advantages, our company took the lead in the domestic in developing and replacing the traditional clothing display props with"plastic model",the food packaging grade PP plastic environmental protection costumes prop;

at the same time,the new product has obtained more than 20 national patents.

We created the greenenvironmental protection costumes prop products which accord with the highquality lives of modern people more.

It has the advantage of high fashion appearance,bright and beautiful plating color, fine strength, not easy to be broken byfalling, recyclable, energy saving and environmental protection.

Our company has a strong and experienced domestic and foreign trade marketing team, and we bring "Aiyi Model",the green environmental protection and energy saving, high quality clothing display model according with the demand of modern people's lives which is newly developed by our company more directly to the domestic and international markets to win customers by all kinds of network electronic trading platforms,such as Alibaba, Global Sources, Global Market, Made in China and so on, at the same time,through many large exhibitions such as the international well-known CantonFair, German EUR0 SHOP Retail Trade Exhibition,

America GLOBALSHOP Retail Trade Exhibition, French EQUIPMAG Supermarket Equipment Exhibition and China Yiwu International Commodities Fair and large-scale exhibitions in other areas.

           Now the products have been exported to more than forty countries such as France, Britain, Italy,America, Germany, Japan, Canada, Iran, India, South Africa, etc. and marketsall over the country;

our company keeps pace with the times, and closelyintegrates with offline activities relying on the rapid development in the Internet age.We providecustomers with further off line field visit to factories at the same time of understanding "Aiyi Model" products, to increase mutual trust.We will definitely make close cooperation and create a win-win situation with the endless pursuit of quality, best services, and reasonable prices.

Our company adheres to the aim of "Promoting enterprise by quality, creating brand by integrity, being honesty with each other, making common development,being agood man first, then to do things, creating a win-win situation",and persists inthe inheritance and innovation of traditional manufacturing industry,to continuously develop the new product and enhance the quality of "plastic model" with our existing perfect research and development and production system as well as abundant management experience,win market at a reasonable price at the same time, strive for the leader of the "plastic model" industry;

         we are willing to make progress with you together, and create a better future.

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